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Wedding: Brandon & Shiao’s ROM

I got to know Brandon a few years ago when we were working together in the media support team of a large conference. He is a stand up guy and is highly talented at using visual media as a communication tool. If you ever need to have a story told (e.g. videos to be shown at weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, or simply authentic life stories whether personal or corporate), he is the man to look for (check out I am happy for Brandon that he has found someone comparable to himself. Shiao-yin, also creative and a high flyer, is a founder of the Thought Collective that includes School of Thought, Food for Thought, Thinkscape and Think Tank Publishing. BTW, the food at Food for Thought is yummy and highly recommended!

Brandon & Shiao-yin were married in a small intimate ceremony at the Botanic Gardens about 3 weeks ago. The ceremony was observed by family and a few close friends. As always, I love capturing smaller weddings which allow a higher level of intimacy and coziness compared to a large scale wedding. That said, Brandon and Shiao-yin will be having their big wedding celebration in about a month’s time and I am already looking forward to covering that!

The following are a selection of photographs from Brandon and Shiao-yin’s ROM.