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Wedding: Ben & Cherie

It’s been some time since I posted wedding images. The last few weddings I covered, the couples were quite publicity shy.  Ben and Cherie got married at the end of October.  They have known each other since the age of 7!  I felt really blessed to have been chosen to be part of the wedding and the couple were a delight to deal with.  It was the longest wedding I’ve covered so far, clocking in at around 16hours non-stop.  Time really flew though.  Beautiful bride, handsome groom, gorgeous DIY decorations, warm and friendly people, pretty settings and much more . . . as a wedding photographer I could not ask for much more in a wedding I was tasked to photograph.

Photographing a wedding is an immense responsibility which I don’t and will never take lightly.  Every wedding is different.  The conditions are different, the lighting is different, the people are different, the dynamics between all the people involved on the big day are different.  These do pose challenges but for me the biggest challenge I set for myself is to document the activities of the day in an artistic way and at the same time stay true to what happened.  I feel that at the end of the wedding day, after the food is digested, the decorations are taken down, and everyone has gone home, the thing that will continue to last and matter besides the love of the bride and groom is the photographs from the wedding.  My hope is that the photographs I take, especially compiled into the format of a wedding album will be a long lasting record and reminder of the couple’s wedding day. Something to be treasured and to be passed on to the next generation.

For posts on this blog, I normally try to keep the number of images down to a reasonable level but with Ben and Cherie’s wedding it proved to be an impossible task. The following are more than the normal number of images I normally display but still a fraction of my favorite images from their wedding.