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Baby Becky

I know Mark from my school days (over 30 years ago!) and my wife also happens to know his wife, Wendy, from a Bible Study group which they were a part of, a couple of years ago.  In April, they celebrated the birth of their first child Rebecca, otherwise known as Becky.  Not having done a baby shoot for some time, it was certainly a privilege to do one for Mark and Wendy to photo document Becky’s arrival.  This was the first of six sessions which would cover Becky’s first year.

Becky is a sweet little girl and seemed happy and content for most of the shoot.  Little baby girls’ clothing are just adorable!

Mark and Wendy are amazing parents and they hardly seem like new parents.  I hope that I will be as composed and relaxed as them when my turn comes.

Together with their two dogs, Cornetto and Eski, they form one big happy family.

Becky gracing us with a little smile.

Becky secure in Daddy’s arms.

Becky pointing at Daddy . . . “You the Man!”.

The 2 babies of the family, Becky and Eski.  8)

Mark, Wendy, Becky, Cornetto and Eski, thank you for allowing me to share in your joy.  I am already looking forward to the next shoot.