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Away from 24 Sep to 2 Oct 2009

I’m at this moment at the airport waiting for my flight.  This trip will be part holiday (5th honeymoon with Laura) and part work.  I’ll be doing some travel photography and testing a Leica M9 camera.

The M9 camera is the smallest full frame digital camera available on the market now and I am looking forward to seeing how it performs in a working environment.  I’ve been using its predecessor the Leica M8 digital rangefinder camera for about 2 years now and it would be interesting to see how the M9 compares with it as well as if they can complement one another in a working environment.  For this trip I’ll be shooting with one M9 and one M8.

When I get back, I will be taking part in a group exhibition at the 2902 Gallery.  The exhibition entitled “Animal” will run from the 7th (from 7pm) to the 25th of October and is held in conjunction with International Animal Day which is in October.  I will also be selling a 2010 Calendar which I designed myself and features all the images that I will be exhibiting as well as an additional 4 images.  I am quite excited about the calendar having seen the test proofs yesterday at the printers. The quality looked excellent and the final product should look even better.  I will post more details about the exhibition and the calendars once I get back.

While I’m away, I might not be able to reply emails or enquiries so please be patient if you email me.  I’ll get back to you when I am back.