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Avarielle’s 1st Birthday Party

Last month, family and close friends of Avarielle’s parents, Vincent and Irene, gathered together at Sengkang Swimming Complex to celebrate Avarielle’s 1st birthday. Baby Avarielle was born one day after Baby Rebecca whose 1st birthday party I also covered last month. It was a much smaller affair but posed the opportunity to capture photos which were quieter and more intimate.

Before the party started, Avarielle’s mum, Irene, said half in jest to me that she was going to keep her camera and leave all the photography to me. I thought there might have been a bit of apprehension in her voice as she was probably not used to having another person capturing such an important event. I assured her that she could put away her camera and simply enjoy her younger daughter’s birthday party. After I delivered the photos a week later, Irene texted me the following message: “Thanks Derrick. Can’t stop looking at the pics. Very nice shots.” One of my criteria for good photographs is that they are worth looking at a second, third, fourth or more time. Good photographs should also bring pleasure or stir the emotions of the viewer over a long period of time; so Irene’s comment of “Can’t stop looking at the pics” is very encouraging for me.

The following are a few photos from the birthday party: